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Peter Miller – thanks for the report on the problems being experinced by so called clean energy funds. I would like to make several remarks, as it’s now Boxing Day down here in Australia, my wife is enjoying a well earned rest and the family have all left the city for a brief holiday with their children, even further south into the country.1. As an aside, my electricity comes exclusively from coal fired power generation and I have never noticed any dirt seeping out of the unused power sockets, so I can only assume that it is most carefully washed at the power stations before it is stuffed into the electricity wires. (How they do that, I do not know).2. This next is for Onion’s benefit and for others who may be tempted to put their beliefs into practical form and to place their hard earned savings into renewable energy based funds. History is against you and the odds are high that all your savings will be destroyed. I say this, not because I doubt the accuracy of the AGW conjecture (which I do), but from a study of the long history of new technology and of the risks of investing in the same. Almost all the startup companies that invested in new technologies, such as motor car manufacture, radio, TV and so forth, all crashed and went bankrupt, with the complete loss of all investors’ funds. At the turn of the twentieth century there were hundreds of companies set up to manufacture motor cars. Very few exist today and all these, bar one, survive only through the grace of the USA government, which recently poured billions of (borrowed) dollars to rescure them.So I conclude that it is all right to encourage the government to attempt to strangle the US economy out of existence, in order to pursue a willow the whisp, post rational goal. That is your right.But please, in your own very personal interests, make sure that none of your superannuation and other retirement savings are invested in new technologies.Your well being in old age is too precious to take such a high risk option.Even if your scientific analysis is correct (which I doubt), your choice of the technological fix to invest in, will be almost certainly, definitely, wrong, wrong, wrong.

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I'm sure I can get some of that deposit money for you. What he rlealy meant is I'm sure I can get some of that money for you, and after my legal fee, you still might make a buck or two. It was a horrible situation for all involved. Sometimes the learning curve is expensive. And yes, that particular attorney has a reputation far & wide for causing expensive legal battles. He knows just how to set them up, like a spider weaving a web. One thing I've learned, if someone won't shake hands with you, you can never ever trust them. That happened months before the lawsuit, so he was already planning it out. And yes, I saw the attorneys at the court house laughing & joking. Nice piece of change for the attorneys on both sides.
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Kshitika 3 iyun 2013 14:12
Phew. I'm glad you watched that, Empress, and did the rersceah. I was afraid to watch well, that and Jeff Lewis kind of bores me. Bravo is boring. Anyway, i tend to agree with your assessment of Mr. Lorsch, in that, personally, it's up to me to conduct myself w/o harming others (financially or otherwise) b/c I was raised on do onto others. Period. Money has a direct correlation in some of the stuff I've been dealing w/ concerning an expensive hobby of mine. I've had to remind (a couple of people) that, in pursing legal means to rectify the situation, etc. that I'm not interested in the money; I'm interested in accountability. There are two people who have started to pay me back, of their own accord, in non-interest bearing, easy-to-afford, monthly payments. The one person who has not elected to do so well, let's just say I will spare no expense to nail them, with interest, for every little thing they did wrong. For me, it's the principle. Diva knows this, but that same person has gone on to rip off other people, whom he should not, in any circumstances, be tangling with. Not everyone respects the law when you rip them off; many take matters into their own hands. I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a bad year for this person and I hope it turns into the same kind of nightmare for Taylor. Neither will ever learn their lesson, but the fallout of not taking responsibility is WAY worse than any money they're trying to hang onto.
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